How to sendCommand from outside the conference?

Hello everyone,
I have a few problems about that. I sendCommand at the lobby page but when join conference, addCommandlistener in conference is not working =((
How to fix it?

  1. call addCommandListener before join conference
  2. call sendCommandOnce after join conference
  3. sendCommandOnce second parameter has to be some special format.

{ value: the_value_of_the_command,
attributes: {}, // map with keys the name of the attribute and values - the values of the attributes.
children: [ ] // array with JS object with the same structure.

for example

    let param = {value:{}, attributes:{}, children:[]};
    param.value = targetId;   // i only need value field

this.jitsiRoom.sendCommandOnce(“give him something to eat”, param);


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Thanks Angelina. I fixed it! :upside_down_face: