How to send chat messages via the DevTools console? I'm creating an extension that can automatically send prepared messages

Dear community,

I use Jitsi Meet when teaching children. I often need to use chat to send personal messages such as “Hi, can you hear me?” or “If you can’t hear me, try to join us in a different browser.”

I’m creating a browser extension that can simplify this by adding functionality to send prewritten messages by clicking on simple buttons.

How can you send a message through the browser’s console?

There are many possibilities when using the APP variable. For example I’ve already created functionality that detects the last three people who were recently talking via APP.conference.listMembers() function where you can also find member’s IDs.

But I haven’t been able to figure out how to do something similar with personal messaging. I know there is APP.conference.sendEndpointMessage() I don’t know how to use it or if it works.

How would you approach this challenge?

I can’t modify scripts on the server as I don’t have access there.

Thank you so much in advance

If you want to send it to a specific participant then you can use a private message like so: APP.conference._room.sendPrivateTextMessage(participantId, message);

Thank you Saghul, that’s it! :heart:

Although it has some caveats (such as message is being sent, but won’t show to the sender), I’m pretty sure I can work with this :slight_smile: