How to secure your own Jitsi room with a password

Hi there,

I’ve got a question about making my Jitsi room more secured. I would like to set a password on the room, is that possible?


Vincent Koot


Hi Vincent, upon starting a meeting in the lower left corner you will see a white letter i in a black circle. if you click, there is an option to set a password. type in the password you want, and do not forget to hit [enter] to confirm. in that way every new user of the room will have to use the password, and you will lock the room for people without the password / exhibitionists and jitsi-bombers. good luck


Hello, @vincentkoot

To add to what @JustMed wrote, I added 2-screen shots for your convenience:

FYI: You should be the first person in the room so you can set the PW, otherwise someone else can enter a password before you.

For example, if I have a conference set for 10:00 am, I usually go into the designated room by 9:00 am. By doing so, I can be relatively certain that I’m the first person in the room to enter the password that I had sent to everyone a week earlier. Afterwards, I keep the room open until everyone else has joined for the 10:00 am scheduled time.

Good luck :nerd_face:

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