How to scale jigasi?

Sorry in advance if I’m misunderstanding, but my experience with Jigasi so far is that it will connect one SIP account to one XMPP account for use in Jitsi. If I wanted to offer outbound SIP connections to several conferences simultaneously, could that be achieved somehow with Jigasi?

One Jigasi instance can handle multiple conferences simultaneously. When you say “outbound SIP connections to several conferences”, do you mean calling from Jigasi to a SIP client or vice versa?

I mean Jitsi conference A on server X and Jitsi conference B on server X. Moderator A calls out to telephone C, moderator B calls out to telephone D (but perhaps scale this to 100 conferences)

Thanks Freddie, I thought that might be the case. So your SIP provider or PBX just needs to be able to handle 100 or more media channels on that single extension simultaneously, right?