How to save jitsi chat on the jitsi server

How we can save jitsi chat on the jitsi server???

Storage=internal didn’t give the path where chat is saved and look like it’s not working.

Anybody know the full-proof solution of this issue.


Storage is a way to save rooms so when you restart you don’t loose it. As we do not use persistent rooms there is no point of this, that’s why it is set to memory or none.

Thanks for the help…

How could I create prosody module!! do you have any document, So I can work on it.

Could you please explain “event listener for message”. I tried to find in jitsi doc but no luck

There are bunch of prosody modules that listen for room creation and destroy, like speakerstats you can use that to get inspiration. Those are in resources folder and there is docs how to configure and install those

This is the documentation

You can listen for message with module:hook("muc-broadcast-message", handleBroadcastMessage);