How to safely update the server?

Our jitsi install is now running smoothly. Last time I tried to update the server (apt-get upgrade) it overwrote a lot of config files and the server went down for our customers!

What is considered a safe way to update a jitsi server without loosing our configuration?


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I run a separate Jitsi instance in a local VM with a separate jigasi extension.
Update the VM first , if everything is still good after a day and a reboot or 2, then I update the production instance.

I lost count of how many times my jitsi VM broke , definitely a lifesaver :slight_smile:

As an extra precaution, I also backed up the following after my config was complete:

  • /etc/jitsi/jigasi/
  • /etc/jitsi/jicofo/
  • /etc/jitsi/videobridge/
  • /etc/jitsi/meet/your.domain-config.js
  • /etc/prosody/conf.avail/your.domain.cfg.lua
  • /etc/nginx/sites-available/your.domain.conf
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Since I am a little freaky about bricking my jitsi server… I backup EVERYTHING in a tar.gz file every time a feature is added and stabilized, and every time I am trying something “risky”… This way I can revert to the previous state easily.

My concerns are about the long term viability of this method! I can’t be re-pushing old files every time I update… that is counter-productive and can lead to issues if ever those files get major changes for future features…

The other side of this conversation could also be… “if it’s not broken , don’t fix it”. As in don’t update if you’re not having issues and especially if you don’t know what the updates are updating or if they have any benefit to your environment.

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I don’t want to update the OS version, but patches and security fixes should be applied, shouldn’t they?

Yes, if there’s a major linux security update, you’d want that. What about allowing updates, but holding packages back.

sudo apt-mark hold jigasi
sudo apt-mark hold jitsi
sudo apt-mark hold jitsi-meet
sudo apt-mark hold jicofo
sudo apt-mark hold jitsi-videobridge2

You could “unhold” a package if you know there’s a specific fix or enhancement from an update you want to test.

example - sudo apt-mark unhold jitsi

Hello, thanks for reporting this. I’ve re-categorized and/or assigned proper tags for this post.

This is a known, reported issue, see :

Unfortunately for now you have to revert to a previous backup of your setup if you experienced this :frowning:

how do i update my jitsi

I did not know what steps to follow since I do not have other screens?
to get to these new jitsi functions that the current one does not have.

hi Craig,

For the issue of security configuration by tokens, would this be compromised? That is, if the configuration is ironed and erased?

Also for the ldap integration configuration, does it also hit and / or delete it?

What benefits does this new update bring, this last month’s update on the new interface?

that is to say at the performance level?

at the level of number of participants in the conference?

Or what more benefits could it have? Because I do not see documentation what benefits there are, I already searched and it is not clear.

Could you help me clarify this?

Best regards