How to run the Middlewere Background

I have successfully setup(integrated) the keycloak with jitsi meet with help of middlewere ( d3473r/ jitsi-keycloak). All the three apps are in docker and done the domain setup for each app (Ex: Keycloak =, Jits i=, Middlewere =
If I want to access my meet first I need to put the middleware domain in the browser, it will take me to keycloak page, after login with keycloak it shows the middleware page, here it has one button like open jitsi, after clicking the button jitsi meet opens.
1.Entered the middleware domain it shows keycloak authentication

2.After login it shows Keycloak middlewere

3. After clik the openjitsi it will give meet

Here My questions
How can we disable that middleware or middleware running in the background??
Is there any possible solution that integrates jitsi with keycloak without middleware??

this is what I want
#1 go to → needs to show the login page
#2 on login it needs to take me to the meeting Schedule home page… which I see now under
#3 click on meeting to start meeting
#4 finish the meeting I need to come back to the home page
#5 click logout will log me out of