How to run jvb on subdomain instead of port 10000/4443?

I am using dockerized Jitsi, the document states that ports 4443 and 10000 have to be open in order for jitsi to work and the clients being able to reach the video bridges. Is it possible to instead of opening the aforementioned ports, run the jvb on subdomain so the jitsi meet calls to reach 4443 or 10000?

Clients use the IP address of JVB while connecting through UDP/10000. So no need a subdomain for JVB.

4443 is not used by JVB. You only need to open UDP/10000 to public. TCP/9090 to JMS

I need to run jvb on subdomain, instead of port 10000/udp. For some reason only the 443 port of my server is open to public. (considering I am using the dockerized version).
would appreciate if you could tell me how to do this.

You’ll need to deploy a TURN server.

In the document it says that turn server is used for p2p connections. Is it not? Would you please elaborate?

No. TURN is used when media cannot be relayed through a UDP port (for instance, in case of a corporate firewall that blocks port 10000/UDP). In such cases, the media can then be relayed through port 443, which is a TCP port. The performance through TCP is less optimal, so it’s only a fallback option.