How to run jitsi source code on windows

hello everybody I am new at jitsi meet and I need to build it on my machine so I install source code on my machine with no problem,but when I try run it with make commond the tab appeat almost 0.1 second and disappear, I left the envirement that I use
anyone can help me pleas
I install :
node version = v15.0.1,
ant version= 1.10.9
java = 15.0.1
jdk = 1.8.0
and I install make commond at

thank you very much

Quoting one of the Jitsi developers:

If you absolutely need to develop on Windows, try the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), which is an environment in which building from source should probably work.

thank you for quick answer
and I am using WSL already I forgot write it sorry,
and if I use linux VM with same installation ,will it work properly.

I’ve succeeded in compiling from source on Windows under msys2 (specifically msys64). My aim was customizing the UI, and it worked fine for that, however I didn’t run exhaustive tests on all jitsi features.

It wasn’t particularly complicated to set up. In source top-level directory I ran “npm install webpack” which added around a gigabyte of modules. After modifying he source I simply ran “make” and pretty soon it finished without errors.

Works under WSL2, probably under WSL1 as well.