How to run Jitsi on context path (sub URL)?

Hi there,

I want to run the Jitsi on context path i.e. sub URL. For example, https://< domain >/meeting/< meetingID > instead of https://< domain >/< meetingID >. For this to succeed, what changes do I need to do in nginx and other places? Minimal documentation with examples will be helpful.

I have done few tweaks in nginx and jitsi base.html and index.html and now I am able to get welcome page on https://< domain >/meeting but when I try to start any meeting by appending meetingId behind it, it gives 404 page of jitsi. Any clues here?


No need to change anything.
Check this:

Thanks for the quick reply. But I also want to run another app on context paths other than “meeting”, so for that what configuration changes I need to do in nginx?

Add the another app location to the top

    location ~ ^/app/ {
        root /var/www;
mkdir -p /var/www/app
echo app > /var/www/app/index.html

But this is the reverse of what I am expecting. This will run my app on “/app” context path. What I want is to run my app on “/” (root) and run jitsi video conferencing on “/meeting” context path.