How to retrieve chat history in Jitsi Meet?

I have followed the thread here to enable chat history

I have made the changes in /etc/prosody/conf.d/

I have updated storage="internal" as mentioned,

Component "" "muc"
storage = "internal"

Component "" "muc"
storage = "internal"
modules_enabled = {

Restarted prosody after the changes systemctl restart prosody

I also have integrated jibri recording which is working fine.
Now I want to know where my chat history is getting stored ?
No proper docs available to retrieve chat history ?

Thanks in advance.

@damencho can you help out ?

Checkout available modules whether you can use something for storing the history, no experience with that. By default just the last 20 messages are kept in the memory of prosody.
You can write your own module getting the messages and storing them.

I have changed storage = internal, but where it is getting stored ? I have checked in /var/lib/prosody/ can’t find anything related to chat history.


What you want to try is probably

yes @damencho,
I have modified .cfg.lua like this,
`Component “” “muc”

storage = "internal"
muc_log_by_default = true;
muc_log_all_rooms = true;
name = "My Prosody Chatrooms"
restrict_room_creation = false `

yet I can’t find any data in /var/lib/prosody
all I can find is empty folders.

Have you enabled mod_muc_mam?

Do I need to set mod_muc_mam = “true” ?

Have you checked the link I sent ^? There is an example of how to enable it: To enable, simply add to modules_enabled on a MUC component:.....
Other than that I had never used that module so I have no answers for it.

yes I have added, but where to check the storage ?
not found in /var/lib/prosody

Hum, maybe that module is not what you want.

That module gives you an ability to use to retrieve messages for users.

So what you want is storing messages … you will need to add your own module and code that … or search for something ready, I don’t know of such module.