How to restrict joining of room if user joined 3 meetings from the same browser?

Can we restrict the joining of the meeting if the user joined 3 different meetings or the same meeting from the same browser?

I have tried the possible approach by incrementing the count whenever the user joins and decrement whenever a user leaves
and storing this count in local storage.

but the issue with this is whenever the browser crash happens it’s not decrementing the count of the local storage!!

so is there any other approach to fix this??

Maybe you can track token usage in prosody?

This will not work for non-logged-in users. as token will be generated for logged in users only

we want to prevent both logged in and non-logged in.

I’m curious. What’s your use case here?

AFAIK this is not something easy (assuming it is possible) to do from a browser-based app, and too easy for users to work around e.g. by using different browsers, incognito tabs, etc.