How to restrict "i am host" to the creator of a meeting

When using jitsi with ldap authentication to create new meeting’s it’s possbile that a user (not creating the meeting) can login. If later the creator of the meeting enters with login, the the meeting is not usable. then all users should leave, the creator has to login again and all other can enter the meeting.

Is there a possiblity, that only the creator of a meeting can login, other LDAP Users (i think they are some kind of administrators) should not be able to enter as long as the creator is not online.

is this your custom deployment or

its a custom deployment … on ubuntu like described in Ubuntu/Debian installation instructions

thats exactly the problem if the first logged on user is not the creator of the meeting (we use some well known meetings), we see that we have troubles with the meeting.

we only activated the ldap login, nothing more. no secure domains.

i need the different thing… “Only creator is moderator”

only the creator is the mdoerator, as in the person who owns the server?

are you proposing that peopel should be able to join with out the host being present and as soon as he joins they become the moderator?

No… when i create a meeting, i send the meeting link to the others… as long as i’m not signed in as creator/moderator, they should stay in “jitsi waiting for the host”. doesnt matters, if they are logged in by ldap or as guests. (we have a secure domain setup)

check out this file and please send the out put

also have you added a user? you can do this by typing

sudo prosodyctl register <username> <password>

as i’m a new user, i cannot upload files here :frowning:

VirtualHost “
authentication = “ldap2”

VirtualHost “
authentication = “anonymous”
c2s_require_encryption = false

and we have all ldap login users, we don’t use local users

Is this what you’re refering to. so that the person makes the meeting becomes the host. I am sorry I am not familiar with the terms.

@Freddie and @damencho would be better fit to help yhou