How to restrict bandwidth consumed?

I have very little experience with but enough to see it has an option to “Manage video quality”. I had hoped I could use it to restrict the bandwidth I am consuming but sadly that doesn’t appear to be the case.

I understand a lot of thought has gone into optimising the video quality but from what I’ve read it appears to be trying to get the best quality possible on the bandwidth available. I fear this is another way of saying it uses as much bandwidth as it can get away with.

The recent turn of events means I’m going to be away from home for many months, while away I’m being charged for data consumed, is there a way to limit that ?

I’m using a wifi hotspot from my phone which has a pay as you go SIM card. The 4G performance is good and Jitsi uses it enthusiastically.

Yesterday I was in a meeting with 6 other people, their 6 incoming video streams were consuming a sum total of just under 1 Mbps, I’m happy with that. The transmit bandwidth is a different story, when I enable my camera it soaks up approx 3.5 Mbps to upload my one video stream.

The only option I found that did any good was to turn off my camera.

I see there has been a lot of discussion about Chromium vs Firefox, for that reason I was using Chromium. I would normally use Firefox.