How to restrict a authenticated username-password with one room only

I’m looking to setup authentication on my Hosted Jitsi-meet so that when the Host start a meeting with his authentication username/password, no one else can use the same username/password to start a new room. Only when the first meeting is end then another meeting can start with the same authentication informations.
Kindly how can I achieve that?

I think you should be able to achieve this with JWT Tokens.

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Hi @Freddie
Thank you for your quick response.
Please can you explain more how token is working if possible an example. I tried to read many time to understand JWT but I couldn’t

Hello @boukar10
JWT is a token, that holds the information about your role, your name and some other information.
It ist written in JSON. TO be sure that the token is issued by the right authority, it is signed with a second json. SO one service can say, this guy is allowed to enter the room.

We implemented this security feature in our jitsi admin system. there you can add your ownjitsi server, then create a room and only users, who are invited can access after they joined via a join page, or you can restrict, that they have to be signed in with username and password.
The Software is open source and can be used for free. even the installed plattform. just try it out.

Hi @Emanuel_H
Thank you a lot with all these information. I will give it a try.
Thanks again.

a basic installation of Jitsi Meet gets you up and running within the shortest about to be created Jitsi Meet will prompt for user name and password. For the last step, now that authentication is active, you need to create at least one user which Authentication* is bound to the creation of a meeting room only .

Hi @RobertStreet
Thank you for your answer.
Currently I have the authentication working fine but my concern is that the same username/password for authentication is able to start many rooms at the same time.
I want to restrict the fact that when a username/password is already active in a room, someone else will not be able to start a new room with the same username/password

Please do you have any idea?

I faced similar kind of issue last time, I am still searching for some proper solution Same issue still no fix to this.

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