How to reset a hung session

hi, can you are help me reset hung session with admin rules

What is hung session?

I found the information (How long can a jitsi session go for?) about the session time, is the default settings if i have my local server jitsi?

two people connected, one went out and the second had a problem with the connection and he remained as an administrator. as a result, the meeting continues without anyone.

ps: jitsi is installed on our local server

The most this can happen is 60 seconds, then everything expires and the ghost participant drops.
If you are using prosody 0.10 we had been seeing reports that something is not working there and you can get ghost participants forever … so you better update to 0.11.

only restart server help us ?

If you are running prosody 0.10, yes. Or if you have admin_telnet you can connect using telnet and execute a command, which I don’t know and you must know prosody internals to be able to do it …

Hi @damencho thanks for this insight, I am right now debugging this same issue of “ghost” participant (remaining long after 60 seconds, until we restart jicofo).

I am using Prosody version 0.11.8-1~buster1 and I still have the issue. Do you know if the problem was fixed in a later version or it might still be there?

Something else is wrong on your side … any prosody errors?
It is working fine with any 0.11 …
Are you using bosh or websockets. If you are using websockets do you have smacks module enabled?

I am using bosh. Is websockets+smacks module better than bosh in this regard?

I will look for prosody errors. Thanks very much for the orientation.

@damencho thank’s

We have found it’s most stable and more forgiving with network interruptions. (I also never see a dropped/disconnected user hang around longer than a few seconds)

Give this a look: [How To] How to enable websockets (xmpp-websocket) and smacks for Prosody