How to remove extra video tile when sharing screen?

I understood (and appreciate), that it is now possible to view both, a shared screen and users video at the same time. However, if many users share their screen, the number of tiles (in tile view) is now twice as high as in the past. Therefore I wonder if it is possible to supress showing the video tiles?

Thanks in advance!

Well, there is no such option. But that option doesn’t make sense when you don’t see the thumb of the sharing how you will know there is sharing and how you will see it?

I meant it the other way round: I only want to see the shared screens, not the other tiles.

In the past I used Jitsi for Excel trainings (6 participants in a digital classroom). When they have to solve some exercises in the trainings file, I was able to see what they do in their files in the tile view. It was a bit like “looking over their shoulders” in reality. Now the tiles are too small as instead of 6 there are 12. So this benefit has gone for me now.

Any chance to enable this functionality (closing all video tiles)?

That is not possible at the moment, sorry.

Too bad, but thanks for your answer!