How to remove duplicate user from conference

Hi @saghul ,

I want to remove duplicate user from conference.
I have tried in base/participants/reducer.js in PARTICIPANT_JOINED whether participant present or not in remote list using below code-
for(const[id, user] of remote){
if( =={
// delete logic

above code is working fine and user get removed but i can see a dummy participant thumbnail.
I have check in base/filmstrip that removed user is present.
How i can delete the participant forcefully??

Please, don’t tag people in your requests for help unless they’re already helping you with the issue at hand.

Do the duplicate (ghost) participants disappear within 60 secs? If so, that’s normal. If you do want to forcefully remove a participant, you can use the “kick” function.

Thanks for your response.
I want to delete programatically.