How to remove authentication while creating a conference?

In a new Jitsi instance, we need to allow anyone to create a conference, no authentication required. This is what we have set in /etc/prosody/conf.avail/

VirtualHost “
authentication = “jitsi-anonymous”

Restarted prosody, jicofo and jitsi-videobridge2

But still when a user starts a meeting, it says “Waiting for host” and asks for username and password. What other configuration needs to be changed ? Appreciate your help.

That should just be “anonymous”

I tried that, restarted all 3 services but still get the same message “Waiting for host”. Is there any other config file to update ?

Well, you need to undo the changes you made to implement secure domain. There are changes in config.js, prosody lua and jicofo.

Thanks. Yes, I had to comment “username” and “password” in jicofo.conf as well and restart all 3 services in order to make it work.

No, that’s correct. jitsi-anonymous is equivalent, but we store session data necessary for there WebSocket session resumption. The builtin anonymous module does not do this.

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I had to remove/comment below line from /etc/jitsi/jicofo/, to allow anyone to create a conference


My previous comment was wrong, I could get it to allow anyone to create a conference without removing that line. But something is confusing as I tried the exact steps 5 times and it worked at times but did not work other times.