How to remove 8x8 Optimize meetings Advertise after clicking red button while calling in Jitsi Meet API?

Hi @damencho
I have embedded jitsi meet api in my web project, all are fine but when click red button to disconnect the ongoing call, I get 8x8 optimize meeting advertise.
I am trying to avoid it using

api.on(‘readyToClose’, () => {
// I am writing logic here to avoid 8x8 screen

It was working before, But I think Now 8x8 banner is changed and I am not able to handle it.

Please help to fix it.
and confirm is it possible to fix while I am using Jitsi meet Api?

ok Thanks @damencho Sir for quick reply.

@damencho please answer this too

Can I host our own Jitsi Server and deploy on my windows machine , can you suggest any docs/videos how to do it on my own machine to test it ? further I will deploy and use it.

For windows your only chance is running docker.
In general you need a debian/ubuntu machine and follow

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