How to Reduce white noise in background

We are noticing significant white noise in background during jitsi calls. On comparing the voice with zoom, there wasn’t any, at least not noticable. We noticed they had lower audio levels than jitsi even on max volume. Maybe that is why the white noise is getting amplified in jitsi.
So, is there any way we can reduce the audio level or gain via configurations. We have disableAGC set to true, helped us reduce the noise quite a bit

Hi ashishj,
we are having same problem here. Have you been successful to get control over these noise problem. If so, can you please help us. ?
Thanks in advance

Hi @Md_Sodrul_Amin, we weren’t able to achieve desirable levels in noise reduction but still it’s good enough with the following configuration changes in “/etc/jitsi/meet/[your-fqdn]-config.js”

disableAEC: false,
disableAP: false,
disableNS: false,
disableHPF: false,
disableAGC: true, 
stereo: true,

Try experimenting with these a bit.
Although I don’t this makes any difference, but we also added application/wasm wasm; to nginx mime.types config to fix a warning related to the noice cancellation library being used.

In the latest release an option opusMaxAvgBitrate was added to set the max average bit audio rate, this could improve your sound quality. I haven’t tried this yet though.

Let me know if these work out for you.