How to redirect a user to another link if they hang up (external jisti api)

I am new to jitsi and my problem is that I cannot redirect a user to another page when they click on the hang up button.
This is the method I had followed:
:point_right:t6:I first modified the source code of the interface_config.js page by adding
enableClosePage: true,
:point_right:t6:And then I added the following code in the close3.html page

Instead of showing me the data from the url ( It shows me the admin videoconference room creation page.

Can you help me please??

Try close2.html

Thanks for responding Freddie

I just changed all the close (close.html, close2.html, close3.html) to this
But unfortunately it still displays the admin creation room page

What is admin creation room page? You mean the welcome page? If this is the case some how you havenโ€™t enable close page option

Yes Iโ€™m talking about this page. Please how do I activate the close of this page or redirect the user to another site if the user clicks the hang up button in the video room.

thank you in advance

Thanks to damencho and Freddie. I was able to solve my problem