How to push change to jitsi js file?

Somebody explain me this please. If I make change like for this post

How I put the change for my own server online? Because the post are told me make change local but if I change js file for local how I uploade that to me server online? Somebody please explain me

Basically after changing a js file you have to chant some sort of incantations that will always fail at first, but after many trials and errors and praying the Google and Stackoverflow gods, the modified file will be turned into a set of libraries (min.js files) that you will copy to your server, and after restarting said server it will then fail. Taking the time to learn first (as implied in the post you linked to) may mitigate the worst parts of the experience.

How I know which library file are go after I compile? I no want make change my whole jitsi, I just want change one js file. I suppose clone everyting for git make change for one file and put to replace every file for me server? This what I no undastand. Only one file I need make change

I didn’t read the quoted message but I am gonna say the things we have done which is pretty self explanatory to run jitsi-meet from source code.
after quick install -

  1. you may replace the jitsi-meet folder with custom jitsi-meet git (appropriate version, matched with quick installed version) folder which you can change/update and push to personal git repo
  2. and then run “npm install” (to install the required dependency in package.json)
  3. and then run “make”/“make dev” (depending on whether you run on server or locally - to build and bundle files)
  4. upto this (1-3) should be okay and your server bundle files may also include the js file changes that you made but still client browser may not detect the changes (if client had downloaded previous bundle js files) in server and pull those changes. so for that reason to ensure the change in client side, you have to change the version of your js files in index.html:
    <script src="libs/do_external_connect.min.js?v=1"></script>
    <script src="libs/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=139"></script> 
    <script src="libs/app.bundle.min.js?v=139"></script>

The theme is, when client runs index.html it checks only the version of the js fils downloaded (from cache) with the current version present in server. if version remains same normally it dont pull the changes from server but if version mismatch occurs it pull the new version of bundle js files from server and serve to client which you can check by inspecting index.html from client side.
you can also experince the same outcome by clearing all cache or opening from incognito so that it will have to download updated bundle js files alltime.

Hope it helps…!!

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@Fuji thank you too much this detail for explanation. Tell me if I are undastood correct

  1. I make clone github of jitsi he download jitsi-meet-master for inside my computer
  2. I make change I want for inside the clone I are download inside my computer
  3. I do npm install
  4. I do make dev
  5. When make dev are finish it are give me jitsi-meet folder inside my computer
  6. I carry jitsi-meet inside computer to replace jitsi-meet inside server

Is this what you are say? I do like so? Please tell me

if you are wanting to understand the procedure of how to test locally first and then push to server then you can follow these :

first run quick install for jitsi latest version or specific version of jitsi meet

you can first do jitsi-meet clone of Specific or simply latest version (1) and then do “npm install” (3). these first 2 steps are for first time only. then you can make changes to jitsi-meet (2) then push to git and then do “make dev” (4) after specifying dev url - better you set dev url as your server’s url where you have jitsi running : specific version or latest rather than just like public/open
now you have locally running jitsi (customized if you made change) whose back end is being served from your server

now you want to replace your server’s jitsi-meet folder (where you did ) with the git cloned (your locally customized). do “npm install” only for first time. then do run “make” and change the js versions in “index.html” (optional for first time).
now your client should always be updated with latest custom changes everytime you do “make” and change js versions

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@Fuji thank you too much for explain me. I have small questionz like this

What this are mean? I push to git where?

I think this is what I are need. Where I set this? The confuxion I are get is how I are links the one I clone for me computer to me server. I think if I undastood that then I be fine

Some parts may be helpful

Jitsi Development on eb-jitsi

I meant when you clone a project from public repo you should also create a private repo in your desired space like github/gitlab where you can push your cloned project updates. so that you can make changes to cloned repo and push updates in your desired space and later you can pull the updates in your server from there.

doing “make dev” command after specifying dev url is mainly for development purpose which you will do locally. but in server you dont have to run “make dev”, rather you will pull update from your space, run “make” and then change the versions of js files in index.html.


@emrah thank you my friend. I read this many many time but he only make for locale development. What I look for is how I are push the development I make for locale to me server. That is what I are confuse.

@Fuji thank you for try are help me. I think only thing I just need know are how I conekt me local development to me server. I no even need to save for git becausee this are only one time change. I just want know how I make the change I make for me computer to show up for me server. Where I conekt the two? This what I are try to know

I think I are know what I are do. Thank you everybody are try help me.