How to pull real-time room, user stats from Jitsi?

Hi, I’m trying to build a page which shows

  1. real time status of the active rooms and users hanging out in those, and
  2. stats on who is talking/listening/…

What would be a good way to approach this?

What would be the best way to get the data from Jitsi? Is there an API for the same?

I tried to get the data from Jicofo and Prosody logs (as mentioned in the log-monitoring based approach (ref.: Log Based Monitoring Approach),
but that seems to be buggy - it is not properly identifiying some cases when the user loses their connectivity.

Is that the right way to do it, or are there any plugins / APIs that I should be checking out?

Thanks in advance!

you can use the Rest api; enable it in the videobridge config file by adding it to the api line:


it will listen by default on port 8090

curl http://localhost:8080/colibri/stats
curl localhost:8080/colibri/conferences | jq 
curl localhost:8080/colibri/conferences/5cb144db3e0ec95e | jq

where 5cb144db3e0ec95e is the ID of a meeting obtained through the conferences endpoint
I don’t think there is a way to relate the ID of an anonymous user to the original login name, though (before Jicofo did its thing)

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