How to publish custom sdk to maven?

I follow the tutorial Android SDK · Jitsi Meet Handbook

I run following command
./android/scripts/ /tmp/repo
It created a folder repo inside that com and org and its contents.

Now I think to use with Android Project we need to pushlish it to maven?

how to do that? Any good help?

You can use a file URL in your Gradle file, IIRC the syntax was: file:/tmp/repo

Android developers are from working remotely, I need to give them a valid URL?
I mean, Can I use simple github public URL?
PS: We are using jitsi sdk in our existing project.
and we need to modify some pages of jitsi video call. I did it but how to use with our android project?

Any help?
How to create a maven repo of jisti-meet?

Yes, you can just use a public GH repo, just like we do. There is nothing special about maven repos.

Hi, thanks for the reply. @saghul
Can we use this as a repo URL:


Yep, that looks good!