How to propose preiniated MeetingRooms in Jitsi Meet main window

Hi all !

I’m currently testing Jitsi Meet against some requirements which deals with room access restrictions/preconfiguration.

My current environment is:

  • OpenFire server
  • Jitsi Meet client (Browser or Desktop/Electron)

The idea is to create in advance rooms with particular privileges for given users or group of users, then to show in the list of available rooms in the Jitsi Meet window all these pre-configured rooms. The user would have finally the choice to select and join one of these pre-configured rooms.

The concern is ONLY the rooms that were previously logged-in are proposed at the login window.
This has a consequence on operational aspects: At the first attempt, the user is somehow “blind” since he’s not proposed any possible rooms that have been pre-configured at server side. Therefore he must know how is named the room he wants to join and type it with potential mistakes by typing the name.

So, is it possible to initialize automatically (at client launch) in the Jitsi main windows the list of available rooms as known at server side ?

Thx a lot for your considerations and the hints !