How to properly setup branding images (logo and background) in the config?

There are these lines in the config.js file:

     External API url used to receive branding specific information.
     If there is no url set or there are missing fields, the defaults are applied.
     None of the fields are mandatory and the response must have the shape:
         // The hex value for the colour used as background
         backgroundColor: '#fff',
         // The url for the image used as background
         backgroundImageUrl: '',
         // The anchor url used when clicking the logo image
         logoClickUrl: '',
         // The url used for the image used as logo
         logoImageUrl: ''
    // dynamicBrandingUrl: '',

I updated it to some images from our website to see if it will work:

    dynamicBrandingUrl: {
        backgroundImageUrl: '',
        logoClickUrl: '',
        logoImageUrl: '',

But I don’t see it anywhere. I assume it should be visible on the main page where the mountain picture is shown and where you choose the meeting room name.

Are my assumptions correct?
What am I doing wrong?
Any help greatly appreciated.

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The documentation references that it’s a URL. The idea being that you provide a URL that returns a custom theme structure.