[How to] Private Subject for each participant with IFrame API

When creating the JitsiMeetExternalAPI, the initial subject can be set to override the room name shown in the UI. As part of our integration, we would like to have each participant have a custom subject - right now, the first subject set seems to win.

Is there a way to tell Jitsi Meet to allow each participant’s subject to be kept local instead of relaying it it to the backend, such as tricking it stay in pendingSubjectChange state? (been browsing the source but not seeing an obvious place to hack to accomplish this)

The other thought I had as perhaps somehow related to the moderator configuration. If helpful context, this is running against our own hosted backend for now.

Nope, there is no such feature. Subject is broadcasted to all participants and set in the meeting.

Thanks for the quick response!

Do you see any feasibility of us hacking it somehow to keep the subject in the pendingSubjectChange state and not actually broadcasting it? No need for the specifics – even just a blink reaction would be appreciated!

You can create a custom module hooking for this event:

Make sure priority is greater than 0 ( default is 0) and when you hit it, you return true which will stop any other event processing

This will prevent setting the subject in prosody and the broadcast of the change.

Hum, now I see there is a setting :slight_smile: You can set under the muc component (conference.yourdomain.com) - muc_room_default_change_subject = false.
prosody/mod_muc.lua at ccc5516646c302d2f749e22ac674a296c30ddd3b · damencho/prosody · GitHub

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:+1: You are awesome. Thanks!