How to prevent password being deleted by other users?

some muppets in my meetig have been (by accident or not, who knows) deleted the password an re-assigned a new one.
Any way to protect the password after firstly given?

Hi @cawa! Welcome to the forum. :smiley:

It sounds like you’re on the public instance ( If so, you can’t prevent others from changing the password because everyone there has moderator-level access. If you want to prevent others from changing the password in your meetings, you would either have to host your own Jitsi or subscribe to the incredibly cheap 8x8 plan (they currently have a promo for just 99cents a month AND the first month is actually free!!!) :smile:. I’d recommend checking it out if you don’t want to - or cannot - host your own server.

Hi Freddie,
OK, thanks for the explanation.
BR Carsten

Hi. Our community has seen increasing troll activity.

I’m having a pretty rough time getting hard information on the 8x8 plan and just subscribed via that link, with its modest pricing. However, I’m still unsure what to do from here.

  • Is it possible to apply my benefits to our already-running free instance with custom URL?
  • Can we actually exercise better administrative control, given the present troll activity?

Welcome to the forum, @boneitis!

  • If you’re subscribed to the 8x8 plan, you definitely have more control over your meetings. URLs do not persist beyond a meeting’s instance (meaning, once the last person leaves a meeting, the URL becomes available again), so if you have a unique meeting name (and hence, URL), you can definitely use that with your 8x8 subscription as well.
  • Yes, you have better control over your meetings with the 8x8 subscription. For one, only the designated user (moderator) can create meetings and assign meeting passwords. You can also opt to use the Lobby feature instead, which ensures only people you allow can get into your meeting. And finally, “Kick” can only be used by the meeting moderator - so if for any reason at all, someone manages to sneak in (not sure how if you’ve enabled Lobby), you can instantly kick them out.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the response, Freddie.

I do have one followup question. Please note I am fairly new member to the community I’m reaching out from and have not used Jitsi before joining them.

Their outreach campaigns have so far largely revolved around the actual URL; it sounds like it is not possible to apply 8x8 subscription benefits to those free instances directly, is that right?

I fear I may not be really understanding your question here, but I’ll assume you’re saying you’ve joined a community that uses the free, public instance of Jitsi ( You ant to know if the features outlined in the 8x8 subscription are available in the free instance as well? If so, not really. The free instance of Jitsi grants every participant in the meeting 'moderator-level access (meaning, anyone can set or change the password, kick any and everybody else out e.t.c…). is set as a demo instance with all the features enabled by default. There are ways of getting around this, by using URL parameters, for instance. But by default, there’s minimal exclusive control over the environment.

Yes, you have understood it correctly.

Thank you!