How to prevent guests joining a call BEFORE the Moderator

I am running into an issue with guests joining a call before the moderator. Guests can join a room with other guests BEFORE the moderator starts the call. These guests can see and chat to one another too!

Even if a moderator then starts the call with Waiting Rooms enabled. Those who joined earlier (before the moderator) are automatically in the room.

Is there a fix for this?
-Thanks in advance

Hi @RockOutLoud,

Are you using the public instance ( or a self-installed instance? If it’s on the public instance, this is expected behavior. There’s no way of preventing guests from entering a room before the meeting host (or ‘moderator’) if they use the link provided first. The only way really to prevent guests from getting into the room before the ‘moderator’ is for the ‘moderator’ to get in much earlier and enable the lobby feature. Even then, if you use a password and you provide the password to guests beforehand, they will bypass the lobby completely. But at least, the moderator would already be in the room. Note also that everyone has moderator-level access on

Now, if you’re on your own installation and you implement secure domain, then no one can get into a room before the Moderator (because rooms do not exist until created and the authenticated user - a.k.a. moderator - would be the one to create the room).

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How is your authentication configured?

Thanks for the replies. Jitsi is ran on a private server. Accounts are created and a moderator has an account with static url (the way ZOOM allows you a static url that doesn’t change). We have Waiting Rooms enabled by Default on all rooms.
The moderator sends out a link to guests and if the guests join the room before the moderator the guests can all see, hear, talk and chat amongst themselves. When the moderator joins (with waiting rooms enabled) all of the guests are already in the room.

What needs to be done to not allow a room to be available until a moderator logs in and starts the meeting? Exactly the way all other platforms do it. In other words I am unable to see any guests waiting to get into a room until the moderator joins in ZOOM. And the guests waiting cannot interact with each other. I’d like the same behavior.

If you are using the internal auth, enabling that and guests with anonymous domain should allow you to achieve what you want.

Crap, I am going to try that. I hope it is that easy!