How to prevent authorized users create multiple meetings at the same time?

Hello. I’ve already installed Jitsi-meet on my serve recently. I wonder if it’s possible to restrict authorized user (created by “prosodyctl register” command) which just can create one meeting room at the same time. Thanks.

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yes, you can but you have to do it on your own. you can inspect the prosody “reservation module” how the scheduled room (for a specific authorized user to create) is maintained and how the ‘hook’ works during the room creation process for checking scheduled time, room_name and creator. Then you can maintain a list of current room in mysql database and check for that creator (when tries to create a room) whether the creator has already a meeting running and you can prevent him from creating another.
You may also prevent him by forcing him to schedule only 1 meeting at a time or no overlapping scheduled meeting (if you have no problem to use reservation module). But you will still need an spring-boot app (or other to interact with prosody reservation module and handle api calls) and a database.

I tried the same use case by choosing 1st way and was successful to maintain a table for current room info’s (room_name, creator_id, start_time etc) only using prosody module but then ran into some different usecase issue and became busy with other things. I will try to post my r&d’s whenever I get the time…!

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Thanks for your advice!