How to override screen share quality

Currently, we see Screenshare quality adjusted based on user network speed (bandwidth) and other participants in the conference see blurred screen (not a clear view).

Is there a way to share always high-quality video irrespective of network speed?

Will be there be any chance to occur an issue at server-side component of jitsi-meet like incapable of handling a lot of incoming videos with high quality. ?

Hello. I was experiencing the same problem, but setting the following:


in interface_config.js seems to negate the blurred screen sharing issue.
If this is not enough, lowering the resolution also helped a lot in our environment wherein a lot of users do not have large bandwidth.

constraints: {
video: {
aspectRatio: 4 / 3,
height: {
ideal: 480,
max: 480,
min: 180


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Thanks @Kenren_Taisho

I will check with my jitsi meet instance, and I hope that DISABLE_VIDEO_BACKGROUND is related to background blurring of webcam, not related with screenshare

I was able to get screen share quality which is not that much blurred by adding the following config.js

    videoQuality: {
        preferredCodec: "VP9",
        maxBitratesVideo: {
            low: 200000,
            standard: 500000,
            high: 1500000,
        minHeightForQualityLvl: {
            360: "standard",
            720: "high",