How to open our customized Android JItsi App by click on meeting link

I have self hosted my server and now If click on the meeting link in browser then it’s not opening my custom Android App instead it’s opening by default Jitsi App, please give me any suggestions

Check out:

What do I need to set inside this, do i need to set my domain for example

You need to use your Android package name and scheme as defined in your Android manifest’s <intent-filter>


Yes I have added in my android app intent-filter >

Please tell me one thing like do I also need to make changes in interfacr_config. js or not ?

I have added intent-filter in androd app and added APP_SCHEME in interface_config.js but now after clicking on meeting link it’s going to playstore and then showing my app, it should directly open my app how could i do that

Sounds like you have an issue with the intent filter or category or a mismatch in the interface config. Grab the Jitsi app’s manifest (from source) and see how theirs compares to yours.

You are getting closer. Post your working solution once you have it.


ok thank you sir I have done same changes in my android app
and then done one change in interface_config .js APP_SCHEME : ‘mypackgename’, but after clicking on link it’s opening playstore window and then opening the app it should directly open the specified activity