How to open Etherpad on a new member joins if the shared etherpad is opened by current users in the conference?

Hello, Hope everyone doing fine.
We’ve etherpad integrated in our system.
What I want to achieve is that,
Suppose in a meeting the shared document is opened and participants are editing it. Now a new user joins the meeting, in this case I want to open the sahred document for the user. It wont open if No one is editing the document/ document is not visible in current conference.

So, the challenge is: How can I get any value that document editing is going on in the conference for the newly joined user.['features/etherpad']
{documentUrl: 'https://xxxxxx', editing: false}

For new user I’ve found this log in Browser console. He gets editing state as false.

There is a flag in config: openSharedDocumentOnJoin. But that serves different purpose as it opens everytime when a new user joins the meeting.

Can someone please help.

Thanks you.

This seems to be a bug. If the user joins they should be able to open the document and see other participant’s edits. Is the button not visible? The editing flag indicates if the user is currently editing, so false is technically correct.

New user can open document manually and see other participants are editing. I am trying to auto open for him if other participants are already editing.

Ah ok. I don’t think we know if a user opened Etherpad in order to be able to trigger that action for the user.

Yes. I guess moderator can check if a new user has joined the meeting and then send him some event notification or something like that.