[How to] No live streaming option in the menu

Hi, I just installed jitsi and I am configuring it. I would be interested to organize a live streaming on Youtube of a Jitsi meeting. However I do not see the voices “Start Live Streaming”, “Start recording”, and the whiteboard functionality.

What went wrong? What should I do?

Did you deploy Jibri too? And the whiteboard backend?

No, I found out I need to install Jibri and reading about how to install it on github. Just Debian 11 has chromiumdrivers and not chromedrivers as packages. Would it be the same?

chromium-driver is okay if you install chromium from the official Debian 11 repo

I installed jibri but need to configure jibri.conf. The github guide says to use the reference.conf, but not clear what should I change in the reference.conf. Not sure I can manually configure it.

One question, should I add and adapt to my server this part, or is it enough to copy-paste the reference.conf?

I think I managed to follow all instructions and started jibri. However if I know go to the domain of jitsi it opens a room with a random name and the screen stays gray. This happens also with jibri stopped.

You may check this sample: jibri.conf

It seems that you have other issues to be fixed before testing jibri. Can you create a meeting with 3 participants without issue?

I first removed the configuration files to bring it back working. Without Jibri I can make a call with three people, but I have two issues:

  1. if I share the screen, it only shows the first screenshot, then freezes, does not updated the shared screen,
  2. even if setting are to favour speed over quality, the video disappears very quickly and I get the following message:

Do you see any error in your browser’s js console?