How to mute all participants using lib-jitsi-meet api (low level)

hello, everyone

currently, I am working with lib-jitsi-meet library things.
now I need to add a functionality that is given In the bellow
===> mandator user can mute all the participants in the room.
anyone can help me with how I can do this feature using lib-jitsi-meet api (low level)

You can get all participants from the conference and mute them one by one using: lib-jitsi-meet/JitsiConference.js at 49f7a9949826ba947f765a713003f6d2da3f273c · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub

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thanks for the replay @damencho
I have already tried with this but not working

room.muteParticipant(participant.getJid(), true, ‘audio’)

room is my JitsiConference object

You need to pass the participant ID not its jid * @param {string} id The id of the participant to mute.


My ID cant pass i also want to participate

thanks for the reply @damencho
let me try with participant ID

by using the participant’s id it works fine. thanks a lot, you saved my day.
and also is there any event available to unmute all the remote users using lib-jitsi-meet API

@fannierwade it’s working fine with pass the id like bellow
room.muteParticipant(participant && participant.getId(), ‘audio’, true);

There is audio moderation where the moderator enables it and need to approve anyone that wants to unmute then that participant is notified and can unmute themselves.
Unmute is always triggered locally by the participant.
The easiest is to test this on

perfect thanks @damencho