How to move one room from one jvb to another

In case of load balancing is not done correctly after service restart, i wonder if there is a command which can be used on jicofo to move one conference_id from one jvb to another in a MUC installation

Currently that will only happen if one jvb is faulty and the conferences will be moved to the other one.

Thanks for the answer damencho

I didn’t want to effect all conferences; just wanted to move 2-3 conf and to make cpu lower…

Today we had an issue with nginx on jitsi-meet (worker_connections are not enough while connecting to upstream) and that’s why we have increased worker_connections parameter to 10240 in nginx config and restarted nginx; meanwhile jvb2 (green) crashed and all rooms are moved to one jvb even there were others

At this stage i wanted to manually switch but it seems that it is not possible


We’d love to have this ability too, and hope to eventually work on it but nothing is planned right now.