How to monitoring multi jibri and jvb

Hi team.

I did quick-install jtsi-meet and install 3 jibri, 3 jvb load balancing. how to monitering 3 jibri and 3 jvb active or error?



For Jibri :

For JVB :

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@hkhait thanks for answer.
is this the way to monitor for just one of system. Is any way to monitor multi of jibri or jvb? Exp: I have 5 jibris.

There is no ready upstream solution, you can either assemble your own monitoring system for multiple nodes or use a commercial one, for example from and/or (I’m from Lindeas, you can contact me for details)

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As @Yasen_Pramatarov1 said you can either enable the HTTP APIs for each component and use your own monitoring system such as Grafana or Munin, or use the commercial Saas solution above. :slight_smile:

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