How to monitor multiple JVBs with Prometheus and Grafana?

Hi all, I currently monitor my JVB with this Jitsi Exporter. It seems that it is only possible to monitor one jvb. Does anyone know how to monitor multiple jvbs? Thanks for you help. Best regards Florian

I’d suggest opening an issue and asking, since we don’t maintain that package.

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Maybe someone else knows a way? Maybe without jitsi exporter, so about another way?

You can just monitor the stats API of each bridge and get all these metrics. For example I have used Zabbix and Grafana with the same success. You just need to configure your monitoring setup to query each jvb’s stats endpoint.

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Thank´s for your reply. Unfortunately I have to use Grafana with Prometheus. Therefore I have to bring the metrics into a format which Prometheus can scrape. So I can not directly use the Stats API of the jvb.