How to monitor Jitsi Meet system and server

Hello! I wanted to ask you, is there any monitoring tools to monitor the linux server and Jitsi Meet system, exept grafana. Maybe there is a program which i can install on my linux server and it will monitor ? Waiting for your reply and ideas!

@damencho ?

You might want to take a look at #10 of this post - [TIP] Fastest Way To Get Support In The Forum

Callstat is expensive if u just want to know which rooms are active and how many participants in room. I saw there is prosody module the resource directory called muc_size that can give u that info in real time. U can design to show in the browser also. On the other hand, if u r really want callstat! then go to their website and create an account. Choose Jitsi-meet as sdk then they will issue an app_id, app_secret and an url link, that u need to add in ur config.js then it will work. U have to pay ton of €€€ to get good meaningful information.

Hello. But isn’t there any other solutions like grafana by the interface, where i can monitor?

@gpatel-fr no, i mean different monitoring system, not only grafana =)

What exactly do you mean by “monitoring”, checking the uptime? Or do you want some statistics? For the latter, check out this script:

@keithbayer I want to monitor the rooms, participant, cpu and memory. I want a simple monitoring system, because grafana is to hard and doesn’t work in my instance well how it should

Then the script linked above should do the job.
To check the cpu/memory usage, why don’t you just write a perl one-liner, where you execute the “top” or “htop” command and store the result in a .txt file

@keithbayer is there any way to add this script to jitsi meet main webpage? I mean like some sorth of button that you press and the script will show?