How to modify Jitsi Meet Welcome Page


I have jitsi running with docker. How would I modify the jitsi welcome page to reflect banners? I am looking at the .jitsi-meet-cfg/web directory and I see a config.js file. Would this be where I would make a change? Would it reflect in the container after the container is restarted?

You need to create new images I believe.

You can check docker issue tracker for more info …

Where is the docker issue tracker located?

I was redirected here from the github admin. One of the administrators mentioned rebuilding the image.
How exactly do I do this? I saw other references mentioning a body.html file and others mentioning .css file. What is the correct way?

Also, how is modifying the welcome page accomplished with kubernetes?

You need your own docker images for changes like that.

a faster way will be to override the images with images of the same file name and extension.

For example if after doing an inspect and i realised they are using a file called welcome.png, I will go create mine and upload into the same folder it was taken from so that it just replaces it

Just be aware that those images will get overwritten whenever you update your Jitsi version, so you’ll need to do this again.

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Yeah very true, any better way? is Docker the only way?

I think you’re confusing the Docker image with image assets in Jitsi. The OP is talking about making changes in their Docker deployment, which demands that they rebuild the Docker image (deployment). What you’re referencing though is changing the image assets in your private Jitsi deployment.