How to migrate self-signed certificate to Let's Encrypt?

I have implemented self-hosted Jitsi server. Upon creation, I’ve used self-signed certificate. Now I’m planning to go production, can I migrate the setup from self-signed to Let’s Encrypt?

I was looking for guide still cannot be found. Or is the solution to re-create the server from the scratch then use Let’s Encrypt certs?

Please help.

Hi @jmyk007

JITISI guys have one line solution for your problem -
sudo /usr/share/jitsi-meet/scripts/

Enjoy !!

Wow, it worked! For me to enable cert bot, I’ll just add cron schedule the command certbot-auto renew? Thanks @voipsecurity

You’re welcome. Yes add a cron job but now a days certbot automatically add’s it for you at the time of installation. Please check your existing cronjobs or add one.

Okay, thank you. That was fast.