How to match the conference ID between Jitsi-meet and Rest Colibri?


Hi Team,
On Jitsi-meet, I can get my conference ID like: [modules/xmpp/ChatRoom.js] : Joined MUC as abc@conference.myserver/0bd8d3a7
On Rest Colibri, I can get all conference ID like this image below:

I know that, I can match the ID between Jitsi meet and REST Colibri by /colibri/conferences{id} but I found that very slow. Is there any way that help me match those IDs quicker?
Thanks so much.



There’s no easy way to match those two. What do you need the colibri ID for?



I’m debugging why Firefox grabs wrong tracks. Right now, when JVB send offers, Jitsi-meet on Firefox use PlanB and I don’t know why but the it matches wrong tracks / channel between participants. So in case if someone has no audio and video, it grab wrong audio and video channel.