How to make username always on big screen in jitsi meeting?

I have jitsi meet version 2.0.6865-2 development version installed. Can you help me show my username as shown in the attached picture?

That should show up by default - it’s turned on by default in a fresh installation.

You can always control visibility by setting the following property in your config.js (false means show it, true means hide it):

hideDisplayName: false,

Thanks Freddie!
hideDisplayName: false,
I did but it didn’t work


Is it uncommented? Can you share your config.js?

I uncommented

Can you do a test meeting with 2 people and if you don’t see the display names, share what you see in your browser’s js console?

if Leave the grid, there is a name

If you choose a video, there is no name in the menu bar

I can’t really see the screenshots - they’re too small. And you need the “Console” tab, not the “Elements” tab.
Also, did you customize anything in your deployment?

what do you mean by that ? 6865-2 is the stable version. BTW this works for me on the ‘true’ development version (unstable, currently 7014).

I haven’t edited anything yet

I run on

Username is displayed as I wish

Test in incognito (private browser).

I’m testing in normal mode, do not in incognito

I’m saying do a test meeting in incognito (private) mode on your browser and see if anything’s different.

I tried to check in incognito mode anh Firefox but no difference.
Thank Freddie!

I have solved it.
Thanks Feddie!

How did you solve it?

I re-installed the new version from scratch.
Thank you for your interest