How to make user or device a permanent host/moderator?

I’ve got self-hosted Jitsi Meeting on my laptop, which is accessible on URL like:

When I start a new meeting, it gets an URL by it’s name, say:

On the laptop itself the browser is opened on

All clients (only 1 ATM) visit the same meeting by known URL - …/meet1

In case of connection/video problems, or, say JVB restart,

(see this thread about it)

may happen, that the client after reconnect, visits the …/meet1 URL before the “host”-laptop.

So, on the remote (inaccessible) laptop it needs some interaction to join the /meet1 meeting,

because the laptop is no longer a “host” (moderator) of the meeting.

Use case: Jitsi on remote Xubuntu laptop for elder person. Jitsi meeting is always-on, accepting all connections from clients.

(Security - IPTables whitelisted IPs)

Is it possible to assign somehow host/moderator role to this remote laptop, so that it will be always a host/moderator of the meeting?

To stay always-on, and ready to accept new clients, without any interaction from the host side?

(Even if all clients are disconnected, ATM)

Nope, there is no such option.

To make it simpler you can drop the secure domain configuration and choose one very long meeting name, some random uuid, and use that. Someone recently changed the nginx config (there is a thread about it) which allowed only one meeting and that will be that uuid.

  • you may disable enable-auto-owner in jicofo.conf
  • enable the token authentication with allowed guest users
  • the moderator always connects the meeting using a token
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@emrah thanks a lot for the idea!
Looks like the only enable-auto-owner = true is enough for me.
I need not any Auth, because, my security is IP white-listing.

The only thing I need to mention:

In /jitsi/jicofo/jicofo.conf written:

# Jicofo HOCON configuration. See reference.conf in /usr/share/jicofo/jicofo.jar for
#available options, syntax, and default values.

There’s no such file in /jicofo.jar (this is just compiled Java class-files)
Find the reference.conf file in sources - jicofo/reference.conf at master · jitsi/jicofo · GitHub

And I’ll keep testing my setup and will notify as it goes.
Actually, I want to create an article with the complete description about how to setup from the scratch the elder watch system with Jitsi. :wink:

The config file is /etc/jitsi/jicofo/jicofo.conf.

IIUC you want to prevent the random one from being a moderator. If so, you need to disable enable-auto-owner and to set moderator using the token content.

Literally, in my case(!), I don’t need any moderator functionality at all.
That’s why, I suppose, I don’t need to configure any moderator’s tokens, etc. (maybe, I’m wrong?)
I just need to be able to go to a predefined meeting room, e.g.
broadcast my camera and see the video from anyone who joined this meeting before (or after) me.
Kind of public meeting room, where anyone can join and see each other.

Now, I’m testing this setup on the laptop and everything goes more-or-less well.

The only kind-of-problem - I need to restart JVB service each time the laptop is waking up from sleep.
But ATM it’s not a big deal for me: cron + xprintidle + service restart.

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