How to make the first one join the room is the only moderator?

How to make the first one join the room is the only moderator and the others not, without login by username and password or authentication.


This is the default behavior when you do a clean install of jitsi-meet.

Please, do not mention people in your posts if they are not already in your conversation!

I’m sorry for the mention.
in my case when using authentication only the user who has the username and password is the moderator. if I disable the authentication then everybody who joins the meeting is the moderator, I need to configure it to make only one moderator (the first one who create the room)

@Oday_Ashour this is unusual. Are you sure you didn’t make other changes in your installation? Because to have everyone joining as a moderator in your self-installed instance, you would actually have to enable a prosody module. The default behavior in a self-installed instance, like damencho mentioned, is that the first person who joins automatically becomes the moderator.

I will check the installation steps that I made, for the first installation I enabled authentication using “internal_plain” and I make “virtualhost” for the guests, but now I need to remove the authentication and return to the default configurations.