How to make the first authorized user the ONLY moderator (login and password authorization is already configured)

Hello! Point to the solution of the problem: jitsi is currently installed on your own server. Authorization by name and password is configured. And any authorized user gets moderator rights when connecting to any conference. And it is necessary that the moderator is only the first authorized user, that is, the one who created it. I have seen that there are posts on various forums on this topic. But I really ask you to point me to the correct and understandable algorithm for configuring this function. Jitsi is a new product for me and I don’t understand a lot. Thank you very much!

What should happen when the moderator disconnects and reconnects again?

It is desirable that the conference ends. But if it’s difficult, then any other option: for example, transferring moderator rights to any other participant.
The most important thing is that there is one moderator and this moderator is an authorized user who created the conference.
I repeat, at the moment authorization via login and password is configured, but EVERY authorized user who connects to the conference has moderator rights by default.

P/S It may also be great, for example, setting the maximum number (limit) of moderators in a meeting to 1. If there is such an option. Or where can I fix the code?

P/S Maybe in jitsi-meet/resources/prosody-plugins/mod_muc_allowners.lua it is possible to change some code? Tell me please

I have seen an example of such use on your domain. BUT how do I set it up on my JITSI server

P/S And the question arises: Is it possible to briefly describe this functionality and does it solve my problems