How to make sure, jitsi using max camera resolutrion?

When I use Jitsi in Firefox (Linux rel. 82.0), my webcam, which is able to deliver up to 720p @30fps, is adjusted to 640 x 480px.
When I use Jitsi in a Chromium Browser, automatically my camera is adjusted to 720p.

I want to know, whether there is any manual adjustment for it, especially when used in Firefox browser. I have not found any. I like Firefox due to safety reasons.
Further I want to use Jitsi with many different partners, most of them with nearly no technical background. Therefore I cannot restrict my partners to use only Chromium browser.

I also found, that Jitsi also does not work with Midori browser which is based on Safari engine. Maybe, that Apple users are excluded from Jitsi.

I have found an answer indirectly by reading the installation concept for jitsi server. There is a configuration.js, where the admin can limit video format. The advantage is, that he can decrease the server load with lower video format and the amount of data, which has to be transferred to the clients. If these are connected via weak lines, this may be favorable for the participants also.