How to make raise/lower your hand

i try to make a methods like raise your hand when you want to speak by use lib-jitsi-meet but i can’t find anything ?
help me pleas,

This is the send command methods, I think, from the conference object.

can you tell me more about it, i read the document but i found notthing about that.

Those are local partifipant properties. You can set them with conference.setLocalParticipantProperty. You can define your own. Then you can register for these property changes like so: conference.on(JitsiConferenceEvents.PARTICIPANT_PROPERTY_CHANGED, ...


how i can fire that event on the local, and how my participant can watch that event fire to change ?
sorry for bad english and not understanding :frowning:
i still try to register these properties like you said but i found no luck

What have you tried? Please paste some code.

here is my code

// get event participant change

room.on(, this.handleParticipantPropertyChanged);

// set event show hand
console.log(‘handle hand active’)
room.setLocalParticipantProperty(‘raisedHand’, this.showHand);

it seem like i can fire the event when i click to the handleHand() function,
can you tell me what wrong with my code

IIRC you won’t see your own event soming, but you’ll see them if the remote user does send it. Have you tried that?

Hi, This is what I have seen, with this code :

room.setLocalParticipantProperty(‘raised-hand’, true)

you can send the information to the conference room that the user ask for talking

I create a clap and raise hand functionality with this one, but the problem is every time i click the clap or raise hand for some reason the video reloads and hangs for a couple of second.

Hay what is room here??

room is your api

const domain = ‘’;
const options = {

devices: {
audioInput: ‘’,
audioOutput: ‘’,
videoInput: ‘’

const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);