How to make Jitsi Meet work over TCP/443 only?

The DevOps-Guid in the docs says one should no longer use multiplexing and instead should enable websockets:

But as my clients do only try to connect to 10000/udp and no turnservers are provided, as checked in about:webrtc, my question is:

How do i make Jitsi Meet work over TCP/443 only? does work over TCP/443 only, but as far as i can tell, there is still a turn server in use.
If websockets break the possibility to only use TCP/443, what are the pros to use it?

Additionally, which component should provide the turnserver to the client? It feels like there are places in prosody, jvb and jitsi-meet config.js where they can be set.

EDIT1: useStunTurn has been removed from config.js, as the stun/turn servers should now be “discovered”. But it doesn’t seem to work the way it is configured right now?

EDIT2: Is the turn/stun behaviour something that changed in prosody?


AFAIK, this is not true. You only need a second host address for the turn server. This server may be a separate server or on the same server.

Thanks for your answer. And yes, that’s something i found too, here:

But as the other article states to remove the module config for nginx, i felt like a replacement for me, so that we should use websocket instead of turn.
Additionally the beahaviour on the client side supports the theory as i don’t get any turn-servers from the server: